piątek, 3 lipca 2009

Cracow is waiting...

..for tourists.

1st of July we were on short visit in Cracow - one of oldest and biggest cities of Poland, former capital and residence of kings, and currently popular tourist location. At the beginning of holidays all is prepared for tourists invasion - hackney carriages on the famous Old-town Market Square...

... and town-seeing tour vehicles...

However, lots of guests are already here - some of them have uncommon look.

Celebrities are also in place (Jerzy Połomski, polish singer, during preparation for evening concert given at the balcony at Small Market was greeting his fans)

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  1. Cieszę się, że mieliście udaną pogodę na czas krakowskiej wyprawy, środa była słoneczna i upalna - może nawet za bardzo - szukałam cienia w Ogrodzie Botanicznym :)