środa, 26 sierpnia 2009

Silesian view

View at Silesia Steelworks in Rybnik, inspired by litography from XIX century, presenting first foundry in these place (more works of Rieden and Knippel here).

The photo awarded a distinction at Gliwice City Museum contest "Silesian Views of Knippel and Rieden today". We are proud...

piątek, 21 sierpnia 2009

Balticscapes I, or tribute to Hiroshi Sugimoto

Finally we are - after spate of work and then - awaited holiday. As we were more or less here, you can expect some photos from Baltic Sea coast and surroundings. At the beginning - minimalistic view at Baltic Sea inspired by Hiroshi Sugimoto series "Seascapes"

No line on the horizon (yes, you are right - on the cover of U2 album you can see Sugimoto work)