piątek, 21 sierpnia 2009

Balticscapes I, or tribute to Hiroshi Sugimoto

Finally we are - after spate of work and then - awaited holiday. As we were more or less here, you can expect some photos from Baltic Sea coast and surroundings. At the beginning - minimalistic view at Baltic Sea inspired by Hiroshi Sugimoto series "Seascapes"

No line on the horizon (yes, you are right - on the cover of U2 album you can see Sugimoto work)

2 komentarze:

  1. Hi and welcome back.

    Thanks for the Hiroshi Sugimoto link.

    I like how the second photo blurs the horizon line (as in Sugimoto).

  2. Ciekawe zdjęcia! Szczególnie to drugie - pełne tajemniczości:)